Ultraviolet-Infrared-Visible Spectrum Photography

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Cameras: Fujifilm S3 Pro UV IR, Fujifilm S5 Pro, Canon 5D, Canon 5D modified for IR. Lenses: Coastal Optics UV-VIS-IR 60mm Apo Macro, Nikon 28mm E Series, Nikon 105mm UV.
Some shots show a comparison of the Coastal Optics and Nikon UV lens. At the bottom of each page is the type of photograph taken.
Infrared - Filtered allowing Infrared light in and possibly a little red, the rest of the visible spectrum and UV are filtered out.
Ultraviolet - Filtered allowing in only Ultraviolet light
Visible Spectrum - Filtered out Infrared and Ultraviolet light.
Full Spectrum - Allows Ultraviolet, Infrared and visible spectrum in the final picture.